Craig Coutts

OHSE Manager

Craig is an experienced OHSE professional with over 19 years’ experience in both commercial and domestic construction.

Craig’s safety experience also includes: Facilities Maintenance; Mining Coal, Oil & Gas; Defence contracts; Major Event Management; and Rail.

Craig spent many years travelling to Clients sites ranging from Universities and Public Airports, to major Public Hospitals and remote Mine sites across Australia, to mobilise new contracts for Spotless Services. This required travelling to the site before the contract was mobilised to conduct Risk Profiling and Assessments, then adapting the Spotless safety management system to meet the client’s expectations. Then after 3 months returning to the sites to conduct systemic audits to ensure compliance.

Craig has vast experience in the Safety and Training Industry of which some of these skills include:

  • Knowledge of National Safety Legislation (WHS, OSH and OHS)
  • Safety Map
  • Safety Training
  • Safety Management System Development
  • Contractor Management
  • Federal Safety Commission
  • Auditing
  • ICAM Lead Investigator

Craig’s role in the company is to ensure that management’s vision “all injuries can be prevented” is achieved.